A 33-active person Board of Directors ensures that Mystic Valley Elder Services remain responsive to the shifting needs of our community. Board members represent one of the eleven cities and towns in Mystic Valley Elder Services’ community. Our advisory council consists of legislators, health and elder care experts, and community leaders who lend their time and expertise when called upon by the board or staff.

Our staff is led by our Chief Executive Officer and supported and supervised by a team of directors within each department. The leadership of our staff is committed to ensuring that the agency fulfills its obligation to each elder and adult living with disabilities in our community, as well as developing the skills of staff and honoring everyone’s right to have a full and balanced life.

Board of Directors

Mary S. Prenney

Kathleen M. Beaulieu
Vice President

Charles Randall


Neil Osborne


Allen I. Alpert
Tracy Nowicki

Carolyn E. Lightburn
Dorothy Martin-Long
Jon E. Norton

Joseph F. Lawless
Cindy Chu Young Porter
Joanne Puopolo
Virginia Ruane

Janice Donatelli
William B. Keefe
Pamela L. Kelly
Neil Osborne, Clerk
Karen Rose
Judy Whatley

George Ahlin
David Kelley
James Oosterman
Mary Sexton

North Reading
Michele Mawn
Mary S. Prenney, President
Joseph Veno

Jane P. Burns
Bill Hecht, Sr.
Brian Snell

Evelyn Morris
Carol A. Tye

Maureen Canova
Janice T. Houghton

Kathleen M. Beaulieu, Vice President
Janice Casoli

Kathryn L. Dixon
Carol L. Mahoney
Charles Randall, Treasurer

Advisory Council

Elizabeth A. Hart, Chair
Alfred Donatelli
Mary Edwards
Gene Ferullo
Michael E. Festa
Mei Hung
Gloria Mastro
Ida Reppucci
Karen Rose (board liaison)

Senior Management

Daniel O’Leary
Chief Executive Officer

Lorna Ciccarelli
Executive Assistant

Sandra Fall
Director, Quality Improvement

Angie Fitzgerald
Director, Nutrition

Sean Hubacz
Director, Finance and IT

Shawn Middleton
Director, Marketing and Communications

Melissa Milione
Director, Human Resources

Joe Quirk
Director, Care Management

Lauren Reid
Director, Community Programs

Joanne Solazzo
Director, Client Services

Jenny Vanasse
Director, Development


The majority of our staff works at our headquarters in Malden, but several, such as our Meals on Wheels drivers and supportive housing staff, work elsewhere within our community. Combined, our staff has over 1,500 years’ experience in providing compassion, dignity, and home care options to elders and adults living with disabilities.

Are you interested in joining the staff of Mystic Valley Elder Services? We offer a kind and supportive working environment, very generous benefits, and the satisfaction of changing the community for the better. Find out more.