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您可以通過撥打電話781-324-7705開始您的Mystic Valley老年服務機構之旅。我們的接線員會為您接通資訊與轉薦部,然後由護理專職團隊仔細聆聽您的當前狀況和需求。您可以用英文、廣東話或者普通話提問——我們會為您接通講同樣語言的專職員工。







  • 申请或了解社会服务福利或机构
  • 代表您向政府机构提出倡导
  • 翻译或写信
  • 追踪您的医疗服务、家庭护理或福利
  • 应付慢性病
  • 提高英語會話技巧
  • 为成为美国公民而学习
  • 練太極(或加入耆英乒乓球隊—如果您願意)強身健體
  • 通過社交活動,如聚會、歌唱小組、音樂會或文化慶典等,與同輩人建立聯絡……

請於週三或週四上午光臨位於華盛頓街7號的Malden老年服務中心與社工見面,或撥打電話781-397-7144瞭解Mystic Valley老年服務機構與大波士頓中華耆英會這一特殊合作提供的服務詳情。


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To start your journey with Mystic Valley Elder Services, pick up the telephone and call us at 781-324-7705. Our receptionist puts you through to the Information and Referral department, a team of caring experts who will listen very closely as you tell us about your cur­rent situation and what you need. Ask questions in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin – we will connect you to an expert who speaks your language.

If you want us to, we’ll send some­one to your home to spend some time with you, learn more about what you need, what will make you safer, healthier, and happier, and how we can help. And then, together, we form a plan.

The plan is based on what you want and need. It can include a number of different programs and services. But we’ll never try to sell you anything, or encourage you to sign up for a service you can’t afford.

We provide critical resources for elders who wish to live at home, in their communities, for as long as possible. These include home care services, such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, housekeeping, and laundry. We also have a home-delivered meal program (Meals on Wheels) that will bring you a healthful, balanced meal each weekday. Elders living in Malden have the option of receiving Chinese lunches from a bilingual Meals on Wheels driver.

 If you would prefer to go out for lunch, you can become a regular participant at one of our 15 senior dining sites, where hot and cold meals are available for an optional $2 donation. Our Malden Senior Center dining site offers Chinese meals on Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon.

And if you have needs beyond good food and help at home, stop by the Malden Senior Center on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 9am and 12pm. On those days, a specially trained, bilingual social worker is available to help you find what you need.

If you need help with:

  • applying for or understanding social service benefits or programs
  • advocating on your behalf to government agencies
  • translating or writing letters
  • keeping track of your medical services, home care, or benefits
  • managing a chronic medical condition
  • improving conversational English skills
  • studying to become an United States citizen
  • promoting your health through Tai Chi (or if you’d like to join the Golden Age Ping Pong Team)
  • connecting with peers through social activities such as parties, singing groups and concerts, and cultural celebrations…

come to the Malden Senior Center, 7 Washington Street, on Wednesday or Thursday morning to see the social worker, or call 781-397-7144 to find out more about the programs offered through this special partnership between Mystic Valley Elder Services and the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center.

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