Getting StartedThe fact is that we do our best work when we can hear your voice. Our website will provide you with plenty of information about the resources that are out there, but at Mystic Valley Elder Services, we work one-on-one.To get started, you pick up the phone and call 781-324-7705 anytime between 8am and 5pm on weekdays. (All calls to Mystic Valley Elder Services are kept completely confidential.) Our receptionist will answer — a person, not a machine — and will put you through to our Information and Referral department, a team of caring experts who will listen very closely as you tell us about your current situation and what you need.

That’s when our partnership begins.

If you want us to, we’ll send someone to your home to spend some time with you, learn more about what you need, what will make you safer, healthier, and happier, and how we can help you.

And then, together, we form a plan.

Your plan might include home care services, home-delivered meals, money management assistance, or health insurance referrals. To find out more about a specific program, select it from the menu above or to the right. Most importantly, remember that our site provides only an overview of common options – everyone’s circumstances differ, and the solutions that we find to fit your needs will be unique to you.

Don’t allow any of the information you read on our site to prevent you from calling us. We are very good at what we do, and we have ways of connecting you to what you need.

Never be afraid to call.