Home CareSometimes you just need a little bit of help. Other times you may need more extended support. Either way, it’s your right to stay in your home and your community for as long as you want – and we’re here to connect you to the resources you need.

Home-based care is a broad category encompassing a wide range of services that can support your independence and wellbeing. We have assembled a network of compassionate, professional home care providers, and we’ll provide you with the help you need to set up and manage your own home care.

You’ll find that help is available in the following areas:

•Grocery shopping
•Personal care and hygiene
•Personal care attendants
•Meals on Wheels
•Help managing your diet and nutrition
•In-home counseling to address emotional, mental, or behavioral health and wellbeing
•Daytime programming, including programming specifically for adults living with dementia
•Adult Family Care Program
•Mobile Mental Health services
•Home health services
•Money management services
•Help organizing and dispensing your medication
•Personal Emergency Response System
•Modifications to your home to make it safer

You can receive services no matter what your income level, and the fees are based on a sliding scale.

2020 Home and Community Based Resources

If you are considered low-income, are 60 years or older (or have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, regardless of your age), and have received a medical diagnosis that interferes with your activities of daily living, some of these services may be free or very low cost. We can help you figure it out. Never be afraid to call us- 781-324-7705 or request more information through our online form.