Mystic Valley Elder Services’ (MVES) older adult consumers recently received an unexpected but cheerful visit from their care managers who delivered nearly 160 care gift bags full of clothing, linens, games, books and other items they had on their “wish list,” all donated by employees of Agero, based in Medford.

Agero has been contributing to the Giving Tree program since 2013 with more than 900 personal gifts shopped for and provided by employees to older adults in beautifully wrapped packages with items ranging in price from $20 to $200. The program operates by Agero staff letting MVES know how many gifts they will pledge to shop for each year. Case managers then nominate an older adult served by MVES who they feel is in need of items for personal use and enjoyment. Since the case managers know the older adults they serve so well, they create a “wish list” of items they know they would like and use. Each wish list is unique to that individual. Employees of Agero then “adopt” and shop for these older adults, collecting items on the list ultimately fulfilling their wishes.

Andrea Rosebach, care manager at Mystic Valley Elder Services, shares her consumer’s reaction to the gift: “I am currently working with a consumer in a nursing facility helping her plan for a return to her home. Typically, when I meet her, she is often teary, overwhelmed and very sad about her current situation and the twists and turns her life has taken. When I brought her the wonderful gift of new sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt from Agero staff, she was so surprised and grateful to receive it. Her eyes brightened as she unwrapped the present and she said thank you many times! I was sure to let her know that the gift is from Agero staff, which is a company that cares a lot about Mystic Valley Elder Services’ consumers.”

“We were so moved to see the multiple items so thoughtfully chosen to brighten the days of older adults in need,” said Jenny Vanasse, director of development at MVES. “One of our consumers asked to send a personal thank you to the Agero employee who purchased her gift (3 gifts, actually!). She loved her new soft robe, and wanted to compliment the employee’s taste in picking it out.”

Agero is not just giving to MVES during the holidays, the organization has sponsored the annual MVES Spring theater event fundraiser for more than a decade. This past spring, Agero was an Emerald level sponsor at $10,000.  They have also donated more than 230 bags of nonperishable food and grocery gift cards since 2010.

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