Money ManagementYou want to stay self-sufficient, but you worry that difficulty managing your affairs might cause you to lose your independence.

That doesn’t have to happen. The Money Management Program exists to make sure that you can keep track of your bills, translate financial statements into plain language, and make timely payments. If you have debt, this program can help you manage it.

And this program is completely free.

We will pair you with a well-trained, highly qualified bill-payer volunteer who can help you organize and read your financial statements, keep your bills in order, advise you on writing checks, and create and keep a budget so that you can make ends meet. You are eligible for the Money Management program if:

•you are 60 years or older, or if you are an adult living with a disability;
•if you feel you are at risk of losing your independence due to your struggle with paying bills on time;
•and if you meet the state income guidelines below:
for a single-person household, your income is $47,600/year or less (about $3,967/month); or
for a two-person household, your income is $54,400/year or less (about $4,533/month).

Call 781-324-7705 to get more information about signing up for the Money Management Program.

The Money Management program is jointly sponsored by Mass Home Care and the Massachusetts Executive Office of El­der Affairs. All transactions are moni­tored monthly by staff and volunteers. All transactions and client funds are insured.