April 1, 2020

The past few weeks have been unlike any we have ever seen. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has forced Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) to take unprecedented measures to remain a viable resource to older adults, adults living with disabilities, and their caregivers. We continue to adapt with the evolving situation affecting our communities.  MVES is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers, and the 20,000 individuals served on an annual basis.

As a mission-based community resource, MVES is committed to meeting consumers’ needs during this uncertain time.  However, we remain prudent in following the recommendations of national, state and local authorities so that our services are delivered in the safest manner possible. Our main office at 300 Commercial Street is closed to visitors with very limited staff working onsite while most staff are working remotely practicing social distancing.

Despite challenges associated with adapting to a mostly-virtual setup, our dedicated professional team has stepped up in a big way and are working hard to keep our programs operational. All of us at MVES are trying to remain as nimble as possible during these uncertain times.

Meals on Wheels will continue to operate, with MVES staff delivering daily meals. Earlier this week, 10,000 frozen meal emergency packets were delivered by 130 volunteers consisting of staff and community members. Care managers, protective services, and clinical counselors continue to connect with consumers by telephone to assess risk, provide care advice, reassurance and support and only visiting when absolutely necessary.

MVES appreciates our consumers, staff, volunteers, and community supporters’ flexibility and cooperation during this unprecedented time.  We will provide additional updates as they become available.

March 25, 2020

Scams related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 are rapidly increasing as the public health emergency develops. Scammers are targeting older adults and those with serious long-term health conditions who appear to have a higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19. Please read the Consumer Alert flyer below:

COVID-19 Consumer Alert

March 23, 2020

Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) knows that the evolving and ever changing news about Coronavirus COVID-19 is causing growing concerns for many. We want you to know that MVES is open for business and is working to be sure that our consumers continue to receive needed services, and to protect not only their health but also the health of our MVES staff and volunteers as well as other agency workers who provide services to our consumers.  If our staff or consumers are not feeling well, there may be a temporary interruption or reduction in services. Be assured, MVES will always let consumers know if services will be interrupted, reduced or cannot be delivered. The wellbeing of our staff and consumers is our #1 goal.

As of March 23, 2020, MVES is adhering to the following:

  • We have adapted some program protocols to keep consumers, volunteers and staff safe such as instituting a “no visitor” policy at the office.
  • We are in regular communications with our consumers. Our care managers are calling them on a regular basis to assess their well-being and need for services.
  • Under Governor Baker’s recommendations to protect the staff and public’s health and safety and his advisory to stay at home, we are not conducting home visits but are assessing our consumers’ needs through telephonic means.
  • We continue to accept calls and referrals via our online referral form and/or by calling our Information and Referral Dept. at 781-324-7705, x100.
  • We continue to serve home delivered meals. We are delivering extra shelf-stable and frozen meals to our consumers and are exploring options in the event that there may be a shortage of meal delivery personnel or if a consumer with active COVID 19 is in need of nutrition supports.

MVES is in constant contact with the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Department of Public Health, and we are following their guidance as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended best practices. We are also in close communication with our extensive network of in-home service provider agencies and our community partners to deliver services in a safe and effective manner.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep yourself from getting sick:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Practice social distancing putting 6 feet between yourself and other people.
  • Avoid crowds of 10 or more and do not travel unless you must.
  •  Avoid contact with people who are sick with a cold or flu symptoms.
  • If you feel sick or have a cough or fever, call your doctor.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly changing situation from a public health perspective and we are committed to keeping you informed. MVES is working to ensure the wellbeing of all those who depend on us.

March 13, 2020

Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) is open for business and continuing to provide services to people in need.  We are in close contact with the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Department of Public Health, and we are following their guidance as well as the CDC recommended best practices. We are also in close communication with our extensive network of in-home service provider agencies and our community partners to deliver services in a safe and effective manner.

At this time, in keeping with the most up-to-date information that we have and the program regulations that guide our work, MVES is continuing to provide services, while taking all possible precautions to safeguard wellness. We understand that this is a fluid situation and information may change quickly so we are continuing to monitor what is happening and make contingency plans for service continuity. We are asking our staff and volunteers and urge all members of our community to stay home when sick, to limit close interpersonal contact, and to practice frequent handwashing. Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers, and the members of the communities we serve. Updates will be posted here as circumstances change. Thank you!

MVES is sharing a video link regarding COVID-19 and how older adults should deal with the virus. Dr. Jay Butler, deputy director of infectious diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offers advice on what elders can do in response to the outbreak. You can see it here.

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