Change Begins in Your Community

For decades, Mystic Valley Elder Services has strived to fill the gap when funding falls short of the needs of older adults and people with disabilities. Although our team are experts at helping older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers to find the resources and information they need, there are times when there simply aren’t enough resources.

That’s why we created the Elder Independence Fund. Our generous community has donated to the Fund and helped us offset the shortfall time and again.

…When a Reading couple needed a stairlift installed and could not save up enough money on their fixed income…

…When a Malden man finally found affordable housing, but couldn’t afford moving costs…

…When a Revere woman with breast cancer needed to replace the mattress that was so old, the springs came through and scratched her back…

Your donations made the difference. With the support of our community, we were able to help each of these people and many more. And now we ask you to ensure that our Fund continues to help older adults and people with disabilities when they’ve hit bumps in the road, when they need the most basic necessities, or when they have nowhere else to turn.

Donating in a post-COVID world is more important than ever. While the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, many of the supports that came with it have also vanished. SNAP (food stamps) were reduced, yet food is far more expensive than it was before 2020. Gas prices are high as we head into the winter heating season. Affordable housing is harder than ever to find. With inflation, we all feel the pinch — imagine how hard it is for those with limited income.

While we are grateful for large donations, our Fund relies on contributions of all sizes. Every single penny of your tax-exempt donation to the Elder Independence Fund will go to help a neighbor in need. Your $20, $100, or $500 donation might help buy a wig for a patient in chemotherapy, cover the cost of much-needed dental work, or provide corrective shoe lifts.

But have no doubt — it will change someone’s life.

With the “Season of Giving” upon us, will you join us in supporting your neighbors? Visit to make your gift or go to to learn more.

Join us in our mission!

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